Investors Show Interest in New Highland Capital Healthcare Fund

Highland Capital Management, in conjunction with its affiliate, Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd, has entered into its first private equity healthcare fund in South Korea. As announced by Highland Capital, the fund was launched with $147 million in capital, and with the South Korea NPS as its anchor investor.

The NPS is South Korea’s National Pension Service, which has an estimated value of netween approximately $465 billion and $500 billion. Highland will jointly manage the fund with Stonebridge Capital, a private equity fund manager, located in Korea. Read more about Highland Capital at

Highlands Capital Management has its international headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1993. Its current CEO is Mr. James Dondero, who is also a company co-founder, along with Mr. Mark Okada, the current CIO. In addition to its Dallas location, the company has employees in New York City, Singapore, and London. There are many career opportunities available within the company.

There is always a customer support team member on duty, even in the overnight hours, to serve the needs of its international clientele. There are positions within all job levels, starting from inters and ranging to positions such as investment analysts, maintenance technicians, tax analysts, property facility managers, and institutional fundraisers.

The company utilizes its international fundraisers to support business development efforts, and to market the company’s products and services to potential new institutional clients. Potential clients could include financial institutions, governments, foundations, corporations, and more.


Highland Capital Management, as a result of having relisted an ETF on NASDAQ, was invited to ring the stock market closing bell in 2016. Chief Investment Officer Mark Okada accepted, and attended the closing ceremony on behalf of the company.

Under the leadership of James Dondero, the company is a supporter of many charitable organizations. Highland Capital established a budget of more than $3 million on an annual basis, all of which is donated to charity. One of the primary recipients is The Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation supports the needs of the people of the North Texas area communities.

In addition, the company has identified many other worthy causes to which it supports and contributes. These include the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and the Dallas Zoo. Read more at

Explore A Different Path With Mighty Fortress Church

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mighty Fortress Church is a Christian ministry that strives to bring the people of the community into fellowship and make them disciples for Christ. The church is open and inclusive and welcomes people who have questions about Christianity and its mission in the world.

When you come into Mighty Fortress Church, you enter into an atmosphere of compassion and love. You will not be judged for what you have done or what you believe. You will instead be shown love and compassion and offered a pathway that will bring you closer to Christ, to his message and offer of hope and redemption. Read more on

If you have not been to church for a while, that is understandable. Many people do not go to church because of the very formal and meaningless rituals performed in them. Mighty Fortress Church offers a different experience. You will be in a place in which faith and the blessings of God are celebrated. The worship team at Mighty Fortress Church offers a dynamic and energetic praise service. You will be inspired to make a joyful noise unto the Lord as the church’s choir and band fill the sanctuary with music that magnifies the name of God.

Mighty Fortress Church is known for its authentic, robust, instructional preaching. The main weekly message is grounded in scripture and crafted to help you lead an honest and prosperous Christian life. The lessons of the Bible are delivered as practical pointers to help followers of Christ navigate their way through the world.

Everyone is welcome to Mighty Fortress Church. You should come as you are. There is not dress code. No matter your age, background, or life circumstances, you will be treated with dignity and respect in our church.


Bishop Thomas Williams is the Senior Pastor of Mighty Fortress Church. For over 30 years, Bishop Williams has strived to spread the message and teachings of Christ. He has served in various ministerial jobs and has sought to bridge divides among different peoples in the body of Christ. He is married to Mrs. Sabrina R. Grant – Williams. Bishop Williams and First Lady Grant-Williams have dedicated their lives to their three children, the community, the church, and to God. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

Ways Organo Gold Beverages will Change Your Life

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of Organo gold tea and coffee from social media and every other channel of information. The recent tide of awareness regarding these special beverages is as a result of an old Chinese discovery that has recently landed in the west and the rest of the world. Organo gold is a brand of special tea, coffee and other beverages being distributed by some health experts to not only help people treat many ailments and stay healthy but also improve the livelihood of others. Shop now at

Why are Organo Gold Beverages Better?

Organo gold tea is unlike any other green tea you have ever had in life. Not only is it delicious but its packed with numerous health benefits. All Organo gold beverages contain a powerful ingredient from china called GanodermaLucidium or miraculous king of herbs. This is a Chinese mushroom that has been used as medicine for over 2000 years to heal a variety of ailments.

Health Benefits of GanodermaLucidium

This ancient mushroom also known as the mushroom of immortality helps to;

Prevent and Cure Cancer

One of the benefits of GanodermaLucidium is boosting immunity and increasing antioxidant levels. Though it is not known whether these are the reasons why the mushroom treats and prevents cancer, some laboratories have shown that GanodermaLucidium prevents cancer metastasis. This ingredient is also known to inhibit the formation of blood vessels that feed the tumor with nutrients and causing it to grow and also inhibiting transfer and migration of the cancer cells to other parts. For patients with advanced tumors, the ingredient is prescribed for thirty days to reduce the effects of chemotherapy and radiation and make surgery an option again. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Cardiovascular Health

Two studies in japan and china found that GanodermaLucidium promotes blood flow to the heart and helps to reduce things like hypertension, high cholesterol and blood clots. This mushroom has been used in china for many decades to keep people healthy and prevent heart diseases and other stress induced ailments.

Organo Gold Distribution

If you are looking for a good part-time business opportunity, becoming an Organo gold distributor is one of the most coveted opportunities out there. Not only are the premium products in high demand from clients but the network marketing is very lucrative. All Organo Gold distributors enjoy great support from the company as you help other people join the multi-level business and earn even more money. Organo is a global family that helps people seeking financial independence to succeed while still staying healthy.


The importance of AI and Machine Learning to Business

Recently, talks have been there on the benefits that artificial intelligence (AI) will create for businesses. However, it is not still clear how the companies will utilize this time productively. It is essential to understand how AI will lead to increase in production.

Time and insights are key elements for any entrepreneur, and they are two gifts that the data-driven technologies like AI as well as machine learning (ML) can offer for medium businesses. AI and ML have changed how the data that is captured by your small business was used to turn it into quality insights. With the improved functionality of AI, it will soon change the role of the accountants and bookkeepers to business advisories and data analysis.

  • How companies can successfully use AI

AI can provide data and insight that can be used to make decisions that are related to customer segmentation, targeted marketing campaign, and financial insights. The app developers, as well as the technology companies that are related to the small companies, have been investing in the AI and ML. It will enable small businesses to gain from these technologies. The data tools apps that are built can:

  1. Give great insights into sales and marketing teams concerning the existing and help in identifying new customers.
  2. Help In identifying price optimization for products as well as for services.
  3. Give product designers and developers a great insight into understanding how customers use a product or service.
  4. Help customer care to offer quality services by providing an insight on how customers make use of the product or the service.
  • Learning more about Machine Learning and AI

With a lot of companies at the initial stage of their data journey, a lot has to be learned. More apps are relying on AI and ML to give the potential benefits. If you intend to use this technology for your business or product, a lot of free practical and academic resources are available on the web for you. You can also attend conferences and experiment yourself. Find information on how other companies that are in the same field as yours are utilizing this technology and how they are planning to make use of them in future.

AI and ML have been widely applied in Australia. They are able to be launched into the mobile platforms. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming the way small business work.

Benefits Of Using Wen By Chaz Product

For your hair to be healthy, strong and resistant to heat damage you have to use the best hair products. Wen by Chaz Dean Hair products are made and designed to nourish, protect, strengthen and refresh the hair by using a mixture of natural ingredients and herbs.

Wen by Chaz hair care products can greatly benefit ladies with different hair types by using it frequently. Ladies with highly damaged hair experience rapid improvement of their hair health with rapid use. On the other hand the ladies with flawlessly hair health enjoy the benefits from all the natural ingredients and the suitability of the Wen hair products.

Wen hair products contain numerous ingredients which helps to improve the health and appearance of your hair and provide it with nutrients and essential oils. The Wen cleansing conditioner contains glycerin and panthenol which helps keep you hair moisturized, strong, flexible, reduces split end and makes hair more manageable. In case you have dyed hair, using Wen Cleansing Conditioner will help improve its color retention and restore its health.

Wen hair products also help to improve hair manageability. Wen products contain ingredients which help to nourish, strengthen and moisturize the hair hence making it easier to style, comb, brush and prevents the hair from breakage. For protection against frizz it is advisable to apply the styling anti-frizz cream this lasts up to eight hour seven in tropical environment.


Hair is very important when it comes to ladies and that’s why you should use Wen hair products since they are rich with all nutrients. Wen conditioner is one of a kind since it works as five different hair products at once. It works as a shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, deep conditioner, and as a detangler which helps the consumers cut the cost of buying a large number of hair products.

George Soros Predictions and Gold Fortune

George Soros is a billionaire who has an estimated net worth of $24 billion. George Soros’ savvy expertise in the market place has made him fortunes, and he is known for warning of the risky China market comparing it to the US economy that was portrayed in 2007-2008. The US was under a financial crisis at that time and he can see the Asian nation following the same slump which would drag stocks down but boost government bonds.

Last quarter, George Soros was preparing for down times while he took back some of his US stock investments by more than one third and at the same buying valuable gold. Although the value of Soros Fund Management’s holdings dropped by thirty seven percent by the end of March, the firm still stands firm in owning millions and opts for a face value of $431 million reported at the end of March.

Soros also bought stocks and contracts on 1.05 million shares in the SPDR Gold Trust which helps track the price and increase the worth. Read more on

Billionaire and investor Stan Druckenmiller, who is Soros’s former chief strategist is also known to be increasingly interested in buying gold. In the beginning of April, George Soros boasted that the yellow metal has produced the larges profit for his trust fund while the banking industry struggles with negative interest rates.

Gold prices have remained solid for the market, allowing George Soros, along with others to take advantage of the market shares and increase their overall currency. Their experience and careful planning make them one of the most successful businessmen.

George Soros was born August 12th, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. He quickly rose to the investor, philanthropist and author. He holds dual citizenship, as he is now a Hungarian-American businessman detailing the stock market and total shares. He is currently the chairman of the Soros Fund Management. He is a prominent democratic supporter, and has been for many years. He is considered to be one of the top thirty richest men in the world. Not only is he ones of the richest investors, but he is also one of history’s most successful financiers. His views on the world’s economic issues on as well as investments made throughout the years play a huge part in his life. He also works as an acting philanthropist who is responsible for an organization called Open Society Foundations. Open Society Foundations is responsible for the support of democracy and human rights in over one hundred countries. George’s success is valuable to the economy and his predications for the future economic ways can remain valid it today’s society. As a trust candidate with many years of knowledge with investments, he is widely known to provide exceptional information.

 Read more about George’s life story at

Andy Wirth – CEO of Squaw Valley Resorts Seeks Relief

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has endured some tough times in the past few years. Weather hasn’t been especially cooperative, producing a drought for the Olympic scenic area, which makes it hard for the ski sports to take effect if the weather doesn’t produce.

Not only has he been faced with less than normal weather conditions, he has also had to deal with the incorporation and their efforts. However, thankfully, he has had a bout of relief from the two that has caused him to be able to breathe just a little better.

The incorporation has created some acquisitions and divisive efforts with the valley, and Wirth believes that it is a “recipe for disaster.” The incorporation recently withdrew their efforts, however, there has definitely been some damage done. Wirth hopes that in the future they work through some of the issues and do what’s right for the community.

Weather has also started to finally cooperate. The famous scenic ski resort was able to open their doors slightly early due to a snow storm that swept through the valley, creating enough snow and moisture for outdoor enthusiasts to take advantage.

The resort is known for its beautiful scenic picturesque views as well as the winter activities that are enjoyed by many in the Lake Tahoe areas, as well as visitors from all over.

Wirth has worked very hard to make the resort the way it is, and is continuously improving the resort to suit the needs to the public and enthusiasts. His most recent project is centered around a gondola that will stretch from one ski resort to the other, making it easier for skier’s to navigate through the area and hop from one resort to the next. They will be able to enjoy both resorts and have a safe, effective gondola to travel through.

They will have the opportunity to part at one or the other, and then travel back and forth. This will become a huge asset to the Squaw Valley Resort as it will make a way to the neighbor ski resort which in turn will make some very happy outdoor enthusiasts.

Andy Wirth has always been quite familiar with the outdoors and the historical state park sceneries. He grew up in Germany, and moved to Colorado to attend the Colorado State University. After graduating from college, he moved to Steamboat, Colorado, where his career began.

After working for the resort there for a length of time, he moved to the Olympic Valley where he became the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. He has been working to improve the grounds for quite some time, and is looking forward to the positive efforts.

Read more:

Darius Fisher Leading the Way in Online Reputation Management

A few months ago PRweek published an article about Darius Fisher and his company Status Labs. Here is a recap of that article.


PRweek mentioned that Fisher is the person you call when you are dealing with a reputation crisis online. This is because he is the co-founder of Status Labs, which is an online reputation management company. Status Labs is also a digital marketing and public relations firm that is located in Austin, Texas.


The article discussed how the company was launched a few years ago and since then Fisher has taken on 30 staff members and has opened offices in both New York and Sao Paulo. Status Labs helps public figures, executives and politicians get second chances by helping them manage their reputations online. Status Labs helps clients polish their search results, as well as increase the number of sales they make via digital marketing.


About Darius Fisher

As previously mentioned, Fisher is the co-founder of Status Labs. Fisher is a native New Yorker and has has worked as a copywriter in the past, and he has also worked as a political consultant. Fisher is also well educated and he graduated from Vanderbilt University, and he did so with honors. He was the president of the Vanderbilt Investment Club and he was a member of Alternative Spring Break.


Fisher is a savvy businessman who has helped build partnerships with agencies and influencers. He also has moral standards and he and his company has turned down various clients, but only if they have done something very wrong. Fisher also believes that there are two sides to a story, and the full story is not always published on blogs and newspapers. Fisher works with clients to tell their side of the story by publishing it online, and this can help rebuild their reputation.


If anyone is interested in repairing and/or rebuilding their reputation, then they can contact Status Labs.

More information for Darius:


Fun Gift On Skout Gives Proceeds To Charity


Super Survey And Super Charity From Skout

Have you ever used Skout to meet new people? The app is a great way to make new friends in your area or in other parts of the world. The social media and online dating application has a new travel feature that the company is extremely proud to give their users access to today. The new feature for traveling and meeting people on Skout is called Passport, and it basically takes down the virtual walls in meeting people around the world. You can log on to Skout today, and you can meet people in your home town or in any country you would like to visit on Skout within a few minutes. It is amazing how much this app has done for my social life in the past few months since I started using it.

Skout also has a myriad of other fun things going on in their online community. Their online community is a friendly place when people get together to chat about different things, take surveys and contribute to causes. The community at Skout recently participated in a survey about National Superhero Day. The fun holiday that Skout was surveying their users for was on April 28th. The users that took part in this survey had a chance to think deeply about what being a superhero would be like. The users that took the survey also had a chance to define what being a superhero is actually about. According to the survey results, around 75 percent of people that were surveyed said that a superhero is someone that helps people in need.

If you had a chance to work with Skout on this survey or on their latest charitable outreach program, then you might as well call yourself a superhero. Skout launched a charity where people on their platform has a real chance to give back to the community by helping a person who is in need. The person in need was someone who wanted to have their dream come true with the Make A Wish Program Greater Bay Area. Skout’s developers actually took time to set up this charity by creating a gift that users could purchase in order to give the gift to another user. The proceeds went to fund someone’s wish! If you’d like to read an original article about this from PR Newswire, click here.

How Talk Fusion Is Changing The Way We Interact

In the 1960s, the idea of a wrist-communicator facilitating face-to-face conversation didn’t just become popular, it became something that people decided they would turn into a reality. While that process has taken fifty years, it is just now coming to the point where it meets and even exceeds the expectations of those who initially thought it up.

One company that does that better than most is Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is the 8th largest content provider of online video across the globe. That didn’t happen overnight, and the company has steadily been climbing over the last nine years.

It all started back in 2007 when Founder/CEO Bob Reina wanted to embed an e-mail with a video, and America Online told him such a thing wasn’t possible. Bob decided to test that by going to a friend of his who had some exceptional acumen in Information Technology. Together they started a marketing organization which made it possible to embed video in e-mails, and as of today their influence has reached some one-hundred and forty separate countries. It has also yielded technological advance.

Talk Fusion has now come up with a new video chat software which allows for high definition conversation on a variety of platforms. Systems supported include Android, Macintosh, and Windows. There are also third-party tablet operating systems which are additionally supported.

The Direct Selling Association, or DSA, has vetted Talk Fusion as a reputable provider of services, and that’s a prestigious recommendation. With membership to the DSA and innovative offerings, Talk Fusion has risen to the number one video chat software provider across global markets. They are number one in Indonesia, number five in Japan, and number twenty in Switzerland.

Finally, Talk Fusion is currently offering a thirty day trial that is entirely without charge and requires no credit card information. With this free trial, users are able to have complete access to all available Talk Fusion apps currently on the market.

Talk Fusion is on the rise, and it is no wonder why: valuable innovation and ethical business dealings recommend this organizations above a great many others.