History and Position of Solo Capital Under CEO and Founder, Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is a London based boutique financial services firm that was founded on 13th September, 2011, by Sanjay Shah, who also works as the CEO of the company. Solo Capital began as a small hedge fund company in 2009 before its incorporation in 2011. The company operates solely with no subsidiaries and their services are open globally. Currently, the company is run and managed by Sanjay Shah the CEO along with three other directors.

The main divisions that Solo Capital works on include proprietary trading, which includes commodities and derivatives and FX markets. They also offer consulting services on investment and human capital. The company also supports sports investments that help in talent acquisition, asset and performance management, representation and commercial advisory. Solo Capital is registered as a private limited company (registration number 09579559) in England and is, therefore, subject to compliance with the United Kingdom financial industry regulations.

Information compiled in March 2015 shows that Solo Capital had a total of £15.45 million contributed by partners, £67.45 million worth of assets and £30.26 million in cash flow. Sanjay Shah, the company’s CEO owns more than 10 other companies across London and all, including Solo Capital, are managed by Solo Group Holdings. The journey to forming Solo Capital included several decisions and risks that Sanjay Shah had to take.

He began by studying medicine but later changed to accounting when he realized being a doctor did not serve his passion. After the 2008 financial crisis, Sanjay lost his job. Thereafter, he went ahead and started a brokerage company in 2009, which would later grow into an incorporation named Solo Capital. Solo Capital has since grown and built a reputation across the world for being among top boutique investment and proprietary trading firms across the world.

In 2011, Sanjay Shah’s son was diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorder, which saw him move from one hospital to another to save his 4 years old son. This condition inspired Shah to form Autism Rocks, an organization that shares awareness about autism as well as offering solutions to those who cannot afford expensive treatment procedures.


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Should you use AirBnB?

AirBnB is an incredibly popular application. Millions of people use AirBnB to find a place to stay when they are traveling. To book a room, one simply opens the AirBnB on their phone or visits AirBnB’s website. You find a room you like and you click to book your room. Booking a room on AirBnB is incredibly easy, but unfortunately, renting a room on AirBnB is devastating to your financial security.

AirBnB seems like a fantastic way to make some extra money, but it is very risky. When you take in tenants there are several issues to consider. Your tenants may cause damage to your property. The tenants could also could commit crimes within your building, and you are liable for their crimes. AirBnB does offer some insurance coverage, but this coverage has its limits. You may be shocked to discover that many home insurance policies will not cover your damages. The risks that an AirBnB tenant brings to your property are extremely great.

Choosing to use AirBnB is a choice. If you feel that the risks are worth the reward, then you definitely should consider using the application. Unfortunately, too many people do not fully consider the risks when they start using AirBnB.

Wealth Solutions wishes for people around the United States to make the best possible financial decisions. They offer amazing advice to those that are willing to take it. They offer adviser services, financial planning, and information on funds. They focus on serving individuals with high wealth. Richard Blair is the leader of Wealth Solutions and he has a fantastic record.

Richard Blair has helped many people reach their investment goals. He worked through various companies to achieve this goal. These companies include United Global Securities, Blair Insurance Group, Worldwide Ventures LLC, and Wealth Solutions. Blair has several key areas of expertise that make him ideal for many clients. Asset protection, estate tax planning, securities, and integrated financial planning. His great depth of knowledge makes him an amazing person to work with.

Blair has turned Wealth Solutions into a fantastic company. The company offers time tested advanced technology to allow them to offer the best possible products and services. Their clients deserve the very best. Their clients receive the best possible services, which allow them to reach new financial heights.

Wealth Solutions is an excellent option for those that want to reach new financial heights. Contact Wealth Solutions to get the help you need.


Doe Deere Is Proud to Be a Unicorn Queen and is Not Afraid of Haters


Doe Deere stands out both in her day to day life and in her chosen career. But that is fine with the young founder and creator of fashion brand Lime Crime, who started her company in 2004 on eBay. As she says in an interview with Galore Mag, she used the handle because it combined her favorite color, Lime, with a word that rhymed. She also likes that it inspires revolution and sees herself as a bit of a fashion revolutionary.

As the name implies, the Russian born fashionista loves to dress in bold colors and is known for her bold, mismatched look. She believes that fashion and clothing is all about expressing yourself. She encourages her followers to be bold and not to worry about following fashion rules. She even calls her followers unicorns, because they are people who were born different and are proud of it.

Like many young entrepreneurs who are not afraid to take a stand, Doe Deere also has her fair share of haters. She doesn’t let that phase her though. Instead she belives in standing her ground and not acknowledging the many false rumors that people try to spread about her and her company. Of course when people have legitimate concerns about her company or the products they sell she is always willing to address those concerns in a fair and civil way.

Deere is proud of her products, which she strives to make as cruelty free as possible. Most of her products have been vegan since the company was founded in 2008, and since 2012 all of the products have been vegan.

The fashionista began experimenting with makeup when she was only 9 years old. At a sleepover with friends they were playing around with conjuring spirits. Despite being dressed for the occasion, she decided that she wanted to wear makeup that matched the mood.

Despite her early aptitude for makeup and fashion, Doe says that she did not get good until she was in her mid 20’s. In 2006, she began experimenting with theatrical makeup and accessories. Everything from rhinestones to different colors of glitter was part of her daily routine. She says she came up with some really bad looks while gaining followers and having fun. Eventually she started learning and came up with a look that worked for her, but she still tries to capture the fun she had in those early days.

To know more about Doe Deere, visit www.doedeere.com.

Bernardo Chua’s Successful Company, Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua started as a businessman in the Philippines. Prior to going into the coffee business, Chua worked as a multi level marketer. This was fairly successful for him, but he continued to move on to even more successful work in the business world. He landed a job at Gano Excel, and he helped this company to grow. The company sold coffee in a very unique way. Rather than just selling coffee, the company sold coffee that contained a mushroom that has a lot of medicinal properties. This mushroom is ganoderma lucidum. It has effects on multiple different areas of the body, and it’s benefits can be seen by close to all people.

After some time passed, Gano Excel grew to the point where they were able to open up shop in the United States. At this point, Chua was tasked with running the company in the United States. Gano Excel was quite successful in the country, and ultimately Chua was able to start his own company. He founded a company, called Organo Gold. This company sold coffee products infused with the same medicinal mushroom as Gano Excel. His company did very well, and he began selling his products around the world. As time goes on, Organo Gold is likely to continue to expand. In the future, the company may even continue to expand into even more different countries.

Now, Organo Gold is offering a new perk for customers. This new program allows customers to get a 25% discount on the products sold by Organo Gold. The program also gives people access to a wider range of products from the company. When people join the program, they have access to a month of savings on products. However, they also have to become part of the monthly auto-ship program.

Bernardo Chua expects this program to have positive impacts upon his business. However, he also feels that retail stores that sell his products will also benefit as a result of his company’s new program. There are special benefits that stores will get that are part of the new program from his company. Those that are in the program will have access to promotional products, and this will make it possible for stores to sell a broader range of products. Furthermore, this new program is likely to benefit large distributors, in addition to stores and individual customers.  Follow him on Twitter @OGBernie.

The US Enacts Policies To Protect Whistle Blowers


Often times, people feel the need to break their silence at work. No employee wants to breach the security of their company, but unscrupulous actions by your employer may warrant the need to take it a step further. To establish protection for whistle blowers there has been a law enacted by Congress. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act providing financial benefits and protection against violators of the Federal Securities Laws.

In this regards, Labaton Sucharow was the very first law firm to establish a firm that is devoted exclusively to the protecting the rights of a whistle blower. A world class team of legal professionals provide litigation, federal and state law enforcement, investigators, financial analyst, and more. They understand that employees need the benefit of having their rights protected when they’re forced to speak out about an employer. Jordan A. Thomas played a leadership role in the development and implementing the rules, regulations, and development of the Whistleblower program. This was his key position as a part of the Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC).

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Andy Wirth Is The Man On The Mountain

I was, lazily, listening to Madeleine Brand on KCRW when her topic on Press to Play turned to the environment. I am an environmentalist, a conservationist, and only slightly removed from a tree-hugger. My family, in fact, my mother was a tree-hugger. When she sold the family home in the woods of Pennsylvania, the fine print in the deed stipulated that no trees could be harvested for profit.

The person being interviewed was Andy Wirth; you may remember he is that skydiver who had his arm severed in a skydiving landing gone wrong. The arm was successfully reattached, but the guy is still jumping out of planes. He’s my kind of guy.

Turns out he is a very important person and in charge of two ski resorts near Lake Tahoe. Now most environmentalists don’t like the idea of ski resorts coming in and displacing habitat and cutting down forests to make way for rich families to crash into other trees, damaging the trees and themselves in the same process. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

But here I differ because, you see, I like to ski. To be out in nature, even though it has been modified, is something I cherish. But I like the freedom of skiing too, zooming down the slopes being just slightly in control of those skis attached to your warm toes enshrined in $500. ski boots.

So what Andy Wirth said rings true to me, and he was a volunteer for the U.S. Forest Service and was part of a trail clean-up crew before college.
Wirth went on to describe what it’s like running a ski resort when your ski resort isn’t getting natural snow.

He said that the resort could handle it by making snow artificially, but what would happen if global warming got worse and he could only make artificial rain? Read more: Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist

He seems to be a manly man and does man stuff, as well, like running in the mountains, jumping from rock to rock and falling a lot, and what could be more manly than leaping out of planes with nothing but a backpack that could mistakenly be full of another person’s picnic supplies.

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Martin Lustgarten, Investment Banks Are Critically Important In Modern Businesses Platforms

Investment banking is one of the most crucial sectors of the banking industry. It is through investment banks that entities such companies, individuals, corporations, and government raise capital to advance their businesses. Besides, investment banks render crucial services in selling securities, facilitating reorganizations, underwriting debt and equity securities, and guidance on stock issuance and placement.


Businesses operate in very dynamic platforms, and financial transactions can be very complicated, this makes the investment banking imperative division of banking industry. Investment bankers are featured as experts in investment banking sector. They offer guidance, carry out, and manage business transactions while assessing probable risks that can emanate during the transactions process. Their services come a long way in relieving clients’ headache regarding managing complex projects and protecting clients’ money from unviable projects.


Trust and expertise experience are fundamental factors that anyone should consider when choosing an investment banker or investment bank. Ability to attend client objectives and provide right information is the hallmark that distinguishes a viable investment banker. One of the investments banker with set record of high expertise, extensive experience, and trustworthy is Martin Lustgarten.


Over the years, Lustgarten has emerged as a very successful investment banker; his ability to put his clients’ objectives ahead of chasing profit has translated to a huge client’s base from local and international platforms.


Lustgarten is the founder and the president of Lustgarten, a leading global investment bank based in Florida. His has steered the investment firm to new heights, such that it is positioned as the destination of most sought investment-banking services in the United States. Through his firm Lustgarten has helped many clients raise capital worth billions of dollars. With the establishment of partnerships in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Panama, the firm has expanded its services to global market.


Through his Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts, he connects with his clients give insights on different aspect of investment banking and shed some right on investments tips. Apart from very successful career, Lustgarten is often described as the lover of vintages. Often he has expressed his interest in selling vintage watches that he personally collects. He is also a family man and lives in Miami with his family.

Is Shaygan Kheradpir The Person Coriant Needs?

Shaygan Kheradpir is the new Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman of Coriant. This is according to an article posted by BC Exploration on their website early this year. It is said that Shaygan Kheradpir got the job thanks to the strong affiliation formed with the company’s senior management team while he was working at Marlin Equity Partners as an operating partner. The company views this as a strategic advantage since Shaygan Kheradpir had some involvement in the strategic planning and operations of the organization before he was brought in. Coriant, which is a renowned global telecommunications company, provides a number of cutting-edge solutions and services to various network operators across the globe. The company has set up camp in more than 100 countries. Coriant had decided that it was going to channel its resources towards technological advancements that would drive the market and grow the company’s fortunes. There was no better person to lead them down this path other than Shaygan Kheradpir. The demand for data-intensive end user applications has been on the rise in various technological areas and it would make sense that Coriant wants to make sure that they beat all other telecommunication companies in meeting this demand.

In the world of technology, and in particular the telecommunications industry, Shaygan Kheradpir is referred by many as a guru. Shaygan was born on December 1964 in London. After his birth, his family moved to Iran where his father worked as an otorhinolaryngologists. He, however, attended high school and college in Switzerland. He was then called to Cornel University for a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. His primary focus was on control systems. He also earned his master’s degree and a doctorate in the same field.

After graduating, Shaygan Kheradpir was enrolled at GTE Laboratories where he worked as a manager and network controller. Within a short period of time, he was promoted to Chief Information Officer thanks to his ability to deliver new products on schedule. The company merged with Bell Atlantic in the year 2000 and Shaygan Kheradpir became the company’s president of the e-business division and later the Chief Technology/Information Officer. In 2011 he moved to Barclays Bank and became the organization’s Chief Operating Officer. He was then promoted to Chief Technology Officer. He was the first technology executive to earn a spot on the Barclays executive team. In 2014 he moved to Juniper Networks and became the company’s Chief Executive Officer before proceeding to Coriant.

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Historian Michael Zomber Makes The Case

Michael Zomber is a writer and historian who has an extensive knowledge of a number of things including warfare and ancient weapons. He has collected a number of antique weapons and armor for over four decades. As a result he has developed a considerable amount of expertise on ancient weapons and shares his knowledge to others on a regular basis. Michael has often shared his knowledge as a guest historian on the History Channel. Zomber has commentated on a number of shows which talk about many old firearms. As well as being an expert on guns, Michael is also quite knowledgeable of other weapons such as Japanese samurai swords.

Zomber is not just a weapons expert but also a writer. Over the course of his career Zomber has put together a number of writing projects such writing more than twelve screenplays and a number of novels. His work has included a few titles which talk about guns from the past as well as the lives and experiences of samurai warriors.He and his wife made a critically acclaimed documentary titled Soul of the Samurai. Therefore, Michael is very well versed in not only weapons from the past but also someone who has been a very insightful storyteller as well.

While Michael is a weapons expert, historian and writer, he has also been an activist. He is very familiar with the horrors and devastating aspects of warfare and therefore has been a supporter of organizations that promote peace and healthcare. Michael has been a supporter of NGO’s which often seek to restore and maintain peace throughout the world. Zomber has supported these organizations in order to help make a positive contribution to society. As a result he is quite active in preventing warfare and seeking ways to make the world a better and safer place.

Michael was born in Washington DC and attended college in Los Angeles, California. At UCLA he majored in English Literature and Psychology. He also received honors and was therefore a distinguished student. According to Facebook, Zomber currently lives in suburban Philadelphia with his family. With his knowledge of firearms, swords as well as writing and film credits, Zomber has been able to educate people as well as entertain. His contributions to causes such as world peace have also made him a very helpful person in his community. With all of these accomplishments Michael Zomber has been one of the more influential people in history and activism.  Read more about Michael on CrunchBase.

Effective Mindset Integration among Student at ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a communication platform more or less like a virtue classroom where teachers help parents to share in the environment of their kids in schools through providing resources in form of videos, messages and photos. The platform is a software helping teachers to share progressive ideas in education like for instance personalized learning and SEL in classroom in an easier effective way that student love.
Established by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the platform is like a community comprising teachers, students and parents connected by a shared belief of improving the art of learning together. The mission of the company is to offer to the communities of teacher, students and parents the power to change the perspective of education from the ground up to each and every classroom in the world.
ClassDojo source of income was originally from the teachers themselves. In the year 2011, the company’s was sponsored by ImagineK12, a program that funded startup education initiatives. One year later, ClassDojo was offered $1.7 million by a group of investors including Ron Conway, General catalyst, Paul graham, Lerer Ventures and Kapor main. The company has continually expanded in various countries with its headquarters situated at San Francisco California.
Recently, ClassDojo launched a new tool on its platform, the StoryThis is an offering dedicated to rationalize communication between parents and teachers. The tool will eliminate the usage of websites and newsletter that teachers are required to create, every time they want to update parents about what their kids have been doing in classrooms. The software feature has been designed to be an app running on Android and iPhone operating system platforms as well as on any web browser.
Available in beta version, Class Story Software aims to register more than 60,000 teachers and will be available to the entire public. The feature will privatize communications between teachers and parents. Teachers around the world will be able to post texts and photos to class feeds, which automatically will be shared to connected parents. This will allow the parent to stay involved with their child’s education, getting reliable and relevant information right on their phones (facilitating engagement).
ClassDojo believes that the safety of their students is in their heart and since traditional websites are not secure enough for educational interactions, then it’s the high-tech and quality tools like Class Story that will help solve the problem.


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