Guilherme Paulus from the early years to today

2017 entrepreneur of the year and influential international businessman, Guilherme Paulus has worked in the tourism industry for over 35 years. Guilherme has, from an early age is always displayed gifts of an intelligent and innovative businessman, landing an internship at IBM, he was under 20 years old.

Back in 1972 Guilherme Paulus and Carlos Vicente Cerchiari founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. as a tourism firm. Carlos would walk away in 1974, leaving the company he cofounded two years earlier to be controlled by Guilherme. Guilherme Paulus through business innovation and expansion has grown CVS to be one of the largest tourism firms a far cry from where they started in 1972. Today accounting for over 3000 jobs created and 1000 suppliers, Guilherme Paulus is one of the most liked businessmen in the country. In 2017 Paulus was nominated Entrepreneur of the year from his large charitable donations and his innovative business strategies, which account for many jobs in the country.

Throughout his business career, Guilherme Has always displayed a talent to identify opportunities. In 2005, he positioned himself to make a huge investment in hotels and resorts and founded what will be known as GJP Hotels and Resorts. Who is amounts that the World Cup would be in Brazil in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016, Guilherme’s GJP Group was perfectly positioned to take advantage of the huge number of tourists that would come to Brazil for the World Cup and the Olympics. In 2013, he would be added to Forbes elite billionaires list.

Today, he continues to be one of the most influential and essential businessmen in the country. The Carlyle Group, which is a private equity firm had purchased a large portion of the company a deal that was valued at over $400 Million. There are plans to take CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. public in 2018, later this year.


Neurocore’s Unique and Effective Treatment For Healthy Living

Depression is a common, but devastating condition that will affect many people throughout their lifetimes. Most people are lead to believe that medication is the only cure for lessening the symptoms of depression and other mental illnesses. However, non-drug programs that help to treat your brain with other effective methods exist. Neurocore aims to help people who are struggling with mental health issues such as depression and leads them to a healthier lifestyle with their unique treatments. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore uses distinctive brainwave mapping technologies and other diagnostic techniques to understand the roots of depressive behaviors. Neurocore allows patients to find the direct cause of their symptoms of depression by beginning treatment with an assessment of the electrical activity in the brain. The treatment is furthered with a specialized and unique neurofeedback program that allows your brain to be reprogrammed in ways that will create higher levels of function.

Athletes promote the use of Neurocore’s services to increase their performance and keep their brain healthy without symptoms of mental illness. For rest and recovery, this training teaches the brains of athletes to wind down during off-time by relaxing it into lower frequencies after periods of high-stress. Brain training allows people to find our peak performance, whether it be living a normal life without symptoms of depression and anxiety or optimizing brain function for a specific task. This updated process of biofeedback technology is simple, effective and reinforces positive behaviors to increase and improve brain usage. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

When we pursue treatment to better the health of our brain by improving its function, we bypass the frustrating side-effects that medication can have. Brain training and lifestyle changes are Neurocore’s productive way to combat the symptoms of depression without the risk of these drugs. The process can train us to control things we believed to be mandatory, but unnecessary, involuntary functions. Biofeedback from Neurocore’s treatments can help us better understand ourselves and our mental illnesses while on our way to recovery.


GoBuySide helping Firms Recruit Professionals within A Volatile Job Market

The job recruitment market has been known to be volatile due to the changes in infrastructure, and technology. This change has affected many financial firms who relied on hiring fresh talent from recruitment offices, which professionals sign up on in hopes of getting hired by a big financial firm. However, after the rise in popularity of the internet, it became more competitive for firms to recruit professional talent for their open job positions. This why GoBuySide uses a strategy of technology-based recruiting. This is more cost-effective as it allows GoBuySide to adapt to job market changes, and be able to provide the necessities fresh talents require to work for the financial firms of their choice. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at


GoBuySide also uses its technology to evolve with the new job trend, financial workers leaving office jobs to work from home. Many financial jobs have become open and unattainable due to many workers preferring to work from home, then traveling to work. This has caused a major shift that many recruitment offices to lose value, due to making work at home jobs more competitive. Another strategy GoBuySide uses find professionals I location base hiring in New York City. GoBuySide heavily screens potential candidates who excel and are considered overqualified for their position and will be a perfect fit for a new financial firm. This has led to many firms to trust GoBuySide, as a location-based strategy has brought investment returns from hiring these potential candidates. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

GoBuySide is a recruitment platform founded by Arjun Kapur, that uses modern state of the art technology that is monitored by financial experts. GoBuySide is trusted by over four hundred clients, distributed in over ten thousand firms ranging from venture capital firms, Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, and investment firms. GoBuySide is located in sixteen countries, and fifty-two cities worldwide. Arjun Kapur has an extensive education, and a deep passion for business administration, and recruitment. Arjun Kapur graduated with a masters in business administration from Stanford University School of Business, and a bachelors in economics from Hopkins University.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Retains His Position as Chairman

Healthy financial systems underpin economic development and are vital to the banking system’s mission of alleviating poverty from the society and elevating prosperity. Besides, tapping into various capital markets cuts across as a needed factor that attracts sources to assist in global finance achievements.

Banco Bradesco of Brazil has been working with various financial services to improve the country’s economic situation by providing top notch services for clients. Thanks to the management that is well-versed with the challenges involved in supplying clients with the right financial services, the banking institution has vastly developed over the past years. At the same time, there have been changes in leadership roles with the most alarming being the resignation of Brandao de Mello, the initial president of the institution.

Background Look
When he resigned, Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over as the head cheerleader of the bank. For three months, he oversaw the entire managerial responsibilities. Recently, the board of directors held a meeting to discuss the way forward to electing a new president. Aligned with leading practices appended to corporate governance, they approved the appointment of Octavio Junior as the president.

Describing Octavio de Lazari
Lazari has been trusted to lead Brazil’s second largest banking institution with approximately R $ 1.3 billion as of end last year (2017). He takes over a bank that experienced financial crisis alongside the deterioration of assets but still maintained its position in the industry after acquiring HSBC. What is more, he began his career at a tender age, working as an office boy for the same banking institution. The 54-year-old vice president of Banco Bradesco and president of Bradesco’s Seguros Group started working at the bank as a continuum.

Lazari’s Education and Experience
For education, Lazari attended Fundacao Instituto and majored in economics and administrative sciences.

In the Case of Trabuco
Trabuco retains his position as the chairman of the board. He will continue to oversee the overall management of the institution. Moreover, he shall work closely with Octavio de Lazari not only as a colleague but a team leader as well. More than that, he still has the opportunity to shape his career in finance and management.

Early Life and Career
Luiz Carlos Trabuco grew up in Brazil. He pursued philosophy and has been able to apply people skills in his dealings with employees. Most importantly is the fact that he has often worked hard to earn an elevation. For starters, he first practiced as an office clerk. Even so, he did not hold back the enthusiasm for leadership as he put in a lot of work to succeed and earn a promotion working in the credit department. From that moment, he rose up the leadership ranks by accumulating Bradesco’s resources through hard work and wise investment strategies.

The Overview
As the chairman of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos introduced the company to media. That was an impressive sales strategy that has concurrently earned Bradesco a massive client base. As Octavio steps in, Bradesco is set to grow tremendously. Besides, Luiz will always be part of the team that streamlines the company.


Green Structure Homes, a Barbara Stokes Initiative

If there is one thing that is very unpredictable to everyone in the world, it is a disaster. When disaster strikes in any part of the world, it often affects the rest of the world in a huge way. The aftermath, impact, and resultant needs are often unique in every manner. However, the one common factor in a majority of disasters is the recovery that people have to do. For most people recovery may take weeks, others months while others years. When the disaster circumstances prove too much for the state and local workforces, supplies and equipment, then FEMA steps in to help where they can. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

FEMA has to work hand in hand with other organizations to provide the required supplies to the people affected by a disaster. One such company is Green Structure Homes (GSH). GHS provides flexible homes of all sizes. The homes they provide met the federal guidelines when it comes to safety, quality of materials, state of the art, and comfort. These homes can be assembled within days on the site. The GSH is a disaster relief contractor that provides a housing solution to people with no homes because of the disaster they may have experienced. Barbara Stokes and her husband founded the company. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara Stokes is the CEO while her husband Scott Stokes is the COO of Green Structure Homes. The company headquarters is in Huntsville, Alabama. The company has grown and recently won a contract award of over $45 million in just a couple of years since it began its operation. The homes that Green Structure Homes provides are of quality material and their construction even includes real kitchens and bathrooms. Their houses are energy efficient, which allows people to move on with their lives as they rebuild after a disaster strikes.

The houses that Green Structure Homes provide are affordable and functional. They have developed a housing blueprint that helps standardize the cost of starting over after a disaster happens. With the adverse effects that disasters come along with, meeting the housing needs at a standardized cost helps make things easier for the disaster victims without having them feeling the pressure of looking for shelter.


Whitney Wolfe Breaks Past Pain And Gets Accolades From Time Magazine

One of the most interesting things about 2018 is the resurgence of women that have been wronged when it comes to various types of sexual harassment. Women that voiced all that they felt in 2017 and 2018 are now coming forth with a spirit of unity.

After all of the allegations that came forth with big entertainers like Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein it became obvious that there would be a turning of the tide. As these things were unfolding in the entertainment world Whitney Wolfe was fighting her own bully in the workplace environment.

Kevin Spacey was dropped from a major TV show that he was a part of Harvey Weinstein was fired from his own company as it went into bankruptcy. This same company has now been purchased by a woman and women are in a place where they may change the entire structure of this organization. Whitney Wolfe would also take to getting out from under the shadow that was cast at Tinder and bounce back with Bumble.

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At one time she was working for a company called Tinder, and she helped make this one of the most popular apps for people in the dating world. It became obvious that Whitney Wolfe was a power player that wanted to do more than just sit idly as others felt themselves going through the same thing. She knew once the lawsuit that she filed for sexual harassment was won that she would have a sense of peace. She knew that she would have the ability to evolve as a woman that could make changes.

Time Magazine has been one of the first to recognize just how much change Whitney Wolfe has been able to make. Her time as a business professional has been very important. It has allowed her to create a company called Bumble. She has went forth and created partnerships with NBA teams.

She has created a safer environment for women to explore dating possibilities. Whitney Wolfe has even managed to have a little fun for herself by moving beyond the pain of the sexual harassment and getting married.

All of these things exemplify a strong woman that has been able to carve out a path for herself while presenting women with aspirations to improve their own lives. Her feminist app and her desire to take back her own life makes her one of Time’s most influential people.

Investors Show Interest in New Highland Capital Healthcare Fund

Highland Capital Management, in conjunction with its affiliate, Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd, has entered into its first private equity healthcare fund in South Korea. As announced by Highland Capital, the fund was launched with $147 million in capital, and with the South Korea NPS as its anchor investor.

The NPS is South Korea’s National Pension Service, which has an estimated value of netween approximately $465 billion and $500 billion. Highland will jointly manage the fund with Stonebridge Capital, a private equity fund manager, located in Korea. Read more about Highland Capital at

Highlands Capital Management has its international headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1993. Its current CEO is Mr. James Dondero, who is also a company co-founder, along with Mr. Mark Okada, the current CIO. In addition to its Dallas location, the company has employees in New York City, Singapore, and London. There are many career opportunities available within the company.

There is always a customer support team member on duty, even in the overnight hours, to serve the needs of its international clientele. There are positions within all job levels, starting from inters and ranging to positions such as investment analysts, maintenance technicians, tax analysts, property facility managers, and institutional fundraisers.

The company utilizes its international fundraisers to support business development efforts, and to market the company’s products and services to potential new institutional clients. Potential clients could include financial institutions, governments, foundations, corporations, and more.


Highland Capital Management, as a result of having relisted an ETF on NASDAQ, was invited to ring the stock market closing bell in 2016. Chief Investment Officer Mark Okada accepted, and attended the closing ceremony on behalf of the company.

Under the leadership of James Dondero, the company is a supporter of many charitable organizations. Highland Capital established a budget of more than $3 million on an annual basis, all of which is donated to charity. One of the primary recipients is The Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation supports the needs of the people of the North Texas area communities.

In addition, the company has identified many other worthy causes to which it supports and contributes. These include the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and the Dallas Zoo. Read more at

Explore A Different Path With Mighty Fortress Church

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mighty Fortress Church is a Christian ministry that strives to bring the people of the community into fellowship and make them disciples for Christ. The church is open and inclusive and welcomes people who have questions about Christianity and its mission in the world.

When you come into Mighty Fortress Church, you enter into an atmosphere of compassion and love. You will not be judged for what you have done or what you believe. You will instead be shown love and compassion and offered a pathway that will bring you closer to Christ, to his message and offer of hope and redemption. Read more on

If you have not been to church for a while, that is understandable. Many people do not go to church because of the very formal and meaningless rituals performed in them. Mighty Fortress Church offers a different experience. You will be in a place in which faith and the blessings of God are celebrated. The worship team at Mighty Fortress Church offers a dynamic and energetic praise service. You will be inspired to make a joyful noise unto the Lord as the church’s choir and band fill the sanctuary with music that magnifies the name of God.

Mighty Fortress Church is known for its authentic, robust, instructional preaching. The main weekly message is grounded in scripture and crafted to help you lead an honest and prosperous Christian life. The lessons of the Bible are delivered as practical pointers to help followers of Christ navigate their way through the world.

Everyone is welcome to Mighty Fortress Church. You should come as you are. There is not dress code. No matter your age, background, or life circumstances, you will be treated with dignity and respect in our church.


Bishop Thomas Williams is the Senior Pastor of Mighty Fortress Church. For over 30 years, Bishop Williams has strived to spread the message and teachings of Christ. He has served in various ministerial jobs and has sought to bridge divides among different peoples in the body of Christ. He is married to Mrs. Sabrina R. Grant – Williams. Bishop Williams and First Lady Grant-Williams have dedicated their lives to their three children, the community, the church, and to God. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

Ways Organo Gold Beverages will Change Your Life

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of Organo gold tea and coffee from social media and every other channel of information. The recent tide of awareness regarding these special beverages is as a result of an old Chinese discovery that has recently landed in the west and the rest of the world. Organo gold is a brand of special tea, coffee and other beverages being distributed by some health experts to not only help people treat many ailments and stay healthy but also improve the livelihood of others. Shop now at

Why are Organo Gold Beverages Better?

Organo gold tea is unlike any other green tea you have ever had in life. Not only is it delicious but its packed with numerous health benefits. All Organo gold beverages contain a powerful ingredient from china called GanodermaLucidium or miraculous king of herbs. This is a Chinese mushroom that has been used as medicine for over 2000 years to heal a variety of ailments.

Health Benefits of GanodermaLucidium

This ancient mushroom also known as the mushroom of immortality helps to;

Prevent and Cure Cancer

One of the benefits of GanodermaLucidium is boosting immunity and increasing antioxidant levels. Though it is not known whether these are the reasons why the mushroom treats and prevents cancer, some laboratories have shown that GanodermaLucidium prevents cancer metastasis. This ingredient is also known to inhibit the formation of blood vessels that feed the tumor with nutrients and causing it to grow and also inhibiting transfer and migration of the cancer cells to other parts. For patients with advanced tumors, the ingredient is prescribed for thirty days to reduce the effects of chemotherapy and radiation and make surgery an option again. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Cardiovascular Health

Two studies in japan and china found that GanodermaLucidium promotes blood flow to the heart and helps to reduce things like hypertension, high cholesterol and blood clots. This mushroom has been used in china for many decades to keep people healthy and prevent heart diseases and other stress induced ailments.

Organo Gold Distribution

If you are looking for a good part-time business opportunity, becoming an Organo gold distributor is one of the most coveted opportunities out there. Not only are the premium products in high demand from clients but the network marketing is very lucrative. All Organo Gold distributors enjoy great support from the company as you help other people join the multi-level business and earn even more money. Organo is a global family that helps people seeking financial independence to succeed while still staying healthy.


The importance of AI and Machine Learning to Business

Recently, talks have been there on the benefits that artificial intelligence (AI) will create for businesses. However, it is not still clear how the companies will utilize this time productively. It is essential to understand how AI will lead to increase in production.

Time and insights are key elements for any entrepreneur, and they are two gifts that the data-driven technologies like AI as well as machine learning (ML) can offer for medium businesses. AI and ML have changed how the data that is captured by your small business was used to turn it into quality insights. With the improved functionality of AI, it will soon change the role of the accountants and bookkeepers to business advisories and data analysis.

  • How companies can successfully use AI

AI can provide data and insight that can be used to make decisions that are related to customer segmentation, targeted marketing campaign, and financial insights. The app developers, as well as the technology companies that are related to the small companies, have been investing in the AI and ML. It will enable small businesses to gain from these technologies. The data tools apps that are built can:

  1. Give great insights into sales and marketing teams concerning the existing and help in identifying new customers.
  2. Help In identifying price optimization for products as well as for services.
  3. Give product designers and developers a great insight into understanding how customers use a product or service.
  4. Help customer care to offer quality services by providing an insight on how customers make use of the product or the service.
  • Learning more about Machine Learning and AI

With a lot of companies at the initial stage of their data journey, a lot has to be learned. More apps are relying on AI and ML to give the potential benefits. If you intend to use this technology for your business or product, a lot of free practical and academic resources are available on the web for you. You can also attend conferences and experiment yourself. Find information on how other companies that are in the same field as yours are utilizing this technology and how they are planning to make use of them in future.

AI and ML have been widely applied in Australia. They are able to be launched into the mobile platforms. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming the way small business work.