How Well Does Wen Conditioner Work?

You’ve probably seen a few QVC commercials advertising Wen hair shampoos and conditioners by Chaz Dean. These products are made from all-natural ingredients, and a number of celebrities have even endorsed Wen. If you’ve been thinking of trying Wen, Bustle’s Emily McClure has a product review that could be helpful. She tried the Fig conditioner, and here’s what she discovered.
On the first day of her seven-day hair experiment, Emily noticed that it took almost twice as much Fig conditioner to saturate her hair when compared to non-WEN hair brands. However, she discovered that her hair was well moisturized after just one use, and her tresses felt softer and more manageable.

Emily did notice that her hair was oilier than normal, and on day four of the experiment, she curled her hair to add more texture, but the curls fell pretty quickly. She also discovered the her scalp got oily after just one day, and she usually started to experience this two days after washing her hair.

Near the end of the week, Emily’s friends commented on how shiny and beautiful her hair was. Overall, McClure says that Wen Fig conditioner is great for women who wash their hair daily and for women who want to add more volume to their hair.

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Davos Introduces New CAP Calculator App

One of the top real estate investment firms in South America is introducing a new mobile application that will give investors the ability to make solid predictions on investments. The company is Davos Real Estate Group. They recently revealed their new Davos CAP Calculator. This app should be a huge asset to investors with the company and other investors that are thinking about investing with the company.

The CAP Calculator can help any individual predict the return on investment that they will get on any property that they are interested in. There are a lot of different variables that can go into an investment that can affect the returns that the investor receives. It isn’t just as simple as making a monthly mortgage payment and calculating the property’s worth when the property is paid off. There are a ton of different variables like the length of the mortgage, the interest rate, taxes, and renovations that the property may need.

Davos Real Estate Group is based in Miami, FL. It operates within a larger group of financial companies called Davos Financial Group. These financial companies are run by CEO David Osio and his executive directors Gerard Gonzalez, and Pablo Bausili.

Davos Investment Group has been operating in the South American markets for over 20 years. They are well known for their highly educated and intelligent staff. They are adding their new CAP Calculator to the highly specialized and licensed services and financial products that they already offer their investors. The app works on both Android phones and iPhones. The company spent over 6 months developing the calculator app before its release.

Osio may have used his years of experience in the financial sector to help him come up with the idea for the application. He has worked in some capacity in the financial world since the early 1980s. He has experience both as an investor and a legal professional.

He got his start after school in Venezuela in 1984 working for a law firm that specialized in banking law. He had defended some of the biggest financial companies in South America during his time as a legal rep. He was very successful in this role.

He worked in this capacity for 10 years. After this, he decided to make the move on his own to being an investor. This is when he moved to Miami, FL and started Davos Financial Group. He has run this investment company ever since.

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Medicare Advantage Plans

A Medicare Advantage plan is a health cover offered by private insurance companies to provide Medicare benefits. The plan covers the same Part A and B of the original Medicare coupled with extra benefits of dental care and vision. The most common types of Medicare Advantage plans include the Private-Fee-for-Service, Health Maintenance Organizations, and the Preferred Provider Organizations plans, all of which you still enjoy Medicare benefits but, you’re no longer covered by the original Medicare.

The Medicare Advantage Plan is a private plan where you pay premiums commonly referred to as copay for services, usually a fixed amount per visit. Additionally, you still pay for your Medicare premiums as you enjoy the services of doctors and hospitals in the plan’s network. The plan has a limit for your outpatient healthcare costs, after which you are required to pay for your medical costs upon visiting the plan’s hospital network. Similarly, if you want your plan to cover other medical costs like drugs and laboratory diagnosis, you are required to sign up for a plan that includes both health and drug coverage referred to as the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan.

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InnovaCare is the leading provider of the Medicare Advantage plan among other managed health care services in North America. Through its two healthcare subsidiaries, the company is committed to providing quality healthcare plans that are cost-effective, sustainable, and fully integrated with the newest technologies. The company runs two Medicare Advantage plans in North America; PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare, LLC. These two healthcare plans serve a network of 8,000 providers with a membership of over 19000 individuals.

Recently, through its subsidiary MMM Healthcare, InnovaCare acquired the Medicare Advantage contracts of First Medical Health Plans, Inc., which insured over 27,000 beneficiaries, representing over $160 million in annual premium revenues. Led by the executive Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, the acquisition was a step further toward positioning the company for accelerated success in the ever-changing healthcare sector. The acquisition also provided them with a greater opportunity to increase their number of beneficiaries and provide them with the best quality of care through their various infrastructure and management initiatives.

Dr. Rick Shinto has over 20 years of clinical and operational experience in managed healthcare. Before his appointment as the CEO of InnovaCare, he served as the chief medical officer of NAMM California, Medical Pathways Management Company, and MedPartners. He began his medical contract as a pulmonologist and an internist, while still living in California.

His success as an executive at InnovaCare Health is also related to his educational background. He earned his Medical Degree from the State University of New York, an MB from the University of Redlands, and a B. S. from the University of California at Irvine. He is also an author of several articles on clinical and healthcare medicine.

Don’t Miss Out On The Great Deals Offered By FreedomPop

Portable hotspots offered by FreedomPop are worth mentioning even though most customers focus on the cell phone service and Wi-Fi that FreedomPop offers. The portable hotspots are something that many people need, even though a lot of people would prefer to use FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service instead. FreedomPop has different portable hotspots that are all pocket-sized and can be taken just about anywhere. The Internet stick is also available and has to be inserted into the USB of a laptop or portable device in order to provide Internet service, but the hotspots will receive service but don’t need to be physically connected to a device.

FreedomPop has several Internet sticks that provides instant Internet access with 4G data capabilities. The hotspots can get 4G LTE access for those that use them and come with 500 MB of free data. Anything over the 500 MB of free data has to be paid for separately in order to continue getting data via the hotspot. There are plans available that can help to keep these hotspots going when having Internet is necessary for those who absolutely need it when they’re away from home.

Even those who have trouble finding Wi-Fi service or Internet service with their laptop or other device can benefit from the Internet sticks that FreedomPop offers, even if they are not using a hotspot. FreedomPop also has Wi-Fi service that’s unlimited in nature and can constantly be accessed from many different devices in many places. There is no need to have FreedomPop cell phone service in order to use the unlimited Wi-Fi, but there is a monthly charge of five dollars for the unlimited Wi-Fi service for those who use it. Since Wi-Fi calling is available with most Wi-Fi enabled phones, getting the unlimited Wi-Fi service makes it easier for those who want to save on data and phone call usage on their phone.

Everyone knows that FreedomPop also has cell phone service, which is one of the best services around at a cost of only $20 monthly. Those who choose to obtain the free service for their cell phone from FreedomPop will pay nothing each month and can utilize the low cost Wi-Fi service to make Wi-Fi calls and to get 4G LTE data constantly. FreedomPop doesn’t leave anyone out with their different types of technology, so everyone should take advantage of their cell phone service, hotspots, Wi-Fi, and home Internet service.

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Boosting The Russian Economy Through Entrepreneurship

Over the past couple of years, Russia has worked itself from a boom to a near bust, as industry after industry deals with falling prices, loss in market values, and corrupt officials. Alexei Beltyukov has addressed a lot of the issues that are facing the company and ways in which he believes the current rate of decline happening in the Russian economy can be changed. As the adviser of the Skolkovo Foundation, Beltyukov has a lot of firsthand knowledge about the reports that come in on a daily basis, as well as the underlying issues that cause some of the unrest.

First and foremost Alexei notes that there is a steadily growing vacancy of investors, as more and more businessmen pull their money out of Russia, and fewer new investors are attracted to projects in the country. Political unrest is another huge factor to the drop in market prices and investments being made, contributing to huge losses across the board. Both of these factors are further aggravated by a low production of energy and oil, and low growth in gross domestic product, making it understandable that there is little reason for investors to look to Russia.

Alexei Beltyukov has made several recommendations while in his position to help lead Russia out of the current economical slump. He founded the Skolkovo Foundation in order to promote entrepreneurs and small business owners, with the blessing of the government. Through his foundation he is able to identify and promote businesses and ideas that will bring new tech and business to the country. Support to these individuals is available through grant money, mentoring, business advice and consultation services, help with tax information and breaks that owners can apply, and strategic planning. Beltkuyov knows that through growth and job formation the economy can once again gain strength and compete once again for investment dollars.  Find Alexei on Google +.

Tips On Managing Social Media

Social media is a large part about managing online reputation. However, it is not just one one posts on his account. Certain people that one follows can have an influence on what is posted on the accounts of others. For instance, if one person is following someone that often posts vulgar or obscene content on his account, just the fact that it is showing up on his account is going to bring some kind of issue to his reputation. If someone is trying to keep up an image, it is going to be hard if content that is contrary to that image is showing up on social media.

One of the best ways to avoid having content that is not helpful to reputation suddenly turn up on one’s social media account is to only follow people with similar interests. This makes it easier for one to maintain his own online reputation. However, even those types of accounts could suddenly start posting obscene messages. This is where it is important to be on the look out for these messages so that any problems could be prevented. However, it is almost inevitable that there are going to be problems. Therefore, it is important to have a plan to fight off these issues against reputation.

One way to combat an attack on reputation is to find an online reputation management firm to help improve reputation. One of these reputation management firms is Fix Search Results. They do everything they can to provide new content that is optimized for search engines. Depending on the position of the bad search result, they will provide tons of content in order to remove the bad review from the front page of the search results. They could also continue to provide good news so that search results will continue to present good information for the user about the client.

Wen’s Power To Transform

When you think of your hair styling process, you likely are cringing at the amount of time it takes you to achieve your look. It takes several products and lots of time to get the style your seeking. Washing, drying, and styling is a timely regimen, but it CAN be reduced with the help of a product known as the Wen cleansing conditioner. This Amazon sold cleansing conditioner contains shampoo, conditioner and a styling product in a single bottle. Chaz Dean came up with the idea to combine these everyday products to decrease styling time, and it really does work. Not only does the product help you with styling, but it holds many ingredients that are beneficial to the health of your hair. You can easily make a hair transformation with the Wen Cleansing conditioner, which is why its such a desirable product.

In one instance, a woman tried it out for a week and couldn’t believe the amazing results. In a short amount of time, she got more voluminous, softer and shinier hair. She wrote an article describing her experience with Wen and the benefits that came out of using this wonderful product.

She even included photos that you can view on this site:
After seeing the results from this one experiment, it makes Wen even more intriguing. If you are looking for healthier, more beautiful tresses, you can achieve that with Wen. Check out the Wen YouTube channel for more info.

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The Bold and Beautiful Face Behind LimeCrime

If you are a social media user, your news feed has more than likely been graced by the face of Doe Deere, the mastermind behind Lime Crime. Lime crime is a bold and colorful make up brand that offers vibrant lip and eye color options. Doe launched the company in 2008, because she found herself constantly searching for styles and colors that captured her eye or even match the clothes that she had sewn herself. Fashion has been a passion of hers since a young age, and vibrant bright colors had always been something she incorporated into her dress, but had been unable to find a suitable option for her makeup. Self-Made magazine has named her on of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

In an interview with Stephanie Janetos from Galore Magazine, Doe sat down to discuss her inspiration behind Lime Crime and her success with the cosmetic line. To no surprise, her artistic and expressive traits made their debut in early childhood. She loved anything that involved color, from painting, to makeup and clothing. Color is not the only thing she enjoys, glitter, rhinestones and all the glam of theatrical components of theatrical makeup peaked her interest in 2006, and she began to post makeup looks and tutorials online. Doe says that she really enjoyed experimenting with the different variety of options and it also gave her fan base quite a boost.

Although “Lime Crime” is an extremely fun and fitting name for the brand, Doe says that there was not much meaning behind its origin. Her favorite color is lime green, wich she felt tied in pretty well with the name. She had no idea that her name would introduce a new era of a more bold and defined cosmetic trend. Today, Lime Crime means bold, and full of color! This is why she calls her fans and customers Unicorns, because they are different, and proud of it. It takes a bold and confident person to wear such bold, loud colors. Doe believes that’s what makes them Unicorns, the desire to be brave, different, bold- and colorful!

Through all of her success, Doe has remained humble. She says that her inspiration is not limited to women who paved the way in the cosmetic industry before her, but that she is inspired by everyone who dares to be different. She commends women with a fearless sense of style and the ability to express it without fear or doubt. Her genuine love for what she does and desire to be different is the blueprint to the success of Lime Crime and she truly hopes to be a role model to someone, someday.

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Making the Most of Your Time With Skout

People that are going to make the most of their time will need to fill their smartphone with apps that are going to be efficient. Some people are downloading a ton of social media apps. Others are making the decision to stick to a single app. This is what Skout has allowed many people to do. This is the social media app that covers a mirage of avenues. It has become the type of application that can help one person make friends while it helps another person find a date. It can be a networking tool or a simple way to waste some downtime with games or free chatting.

Skout has still managed to evolve even as all the other apps out there compete for the attention of more registered users. The secret to the success of the app may all be linked to the way that the app developers have made a decision to go above what is typical with the other social media websites.

The competition has become very high with the large number of people that are signing up for social media sites like this. In the early stages of social media there was MySpace. There were other sites like Friendster that would also become social media darlings in the early stages of online communication. As time progressed Facebook would become a clear winner among many. This would just be a small phase of what would eventually come. Today there are hundreds of sites like Twitter, Google + and Skout that stand out as some of the most valuable resources to individuals that are trying to use the cyber world to build their network of friends.

What people like about Skout is the endless possibilities that can happen with the use of this site. There is no system of classes. The playing field here is leveled. The rich mingle with the middle class. The young and the old collide and people take time to connect with others that have the same interests. This is what has pushed the Skout app forward. This wide open environment will also be the thing that keeps the buzz high about Skout. It has not reached a saturation point yet. People are still curious about this app, and that is a good thing. As long as people stay curious about Skout the registered users will continue to grow as the app evolves.

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MeetMe acquires mobile flirting app Skout for $55 million in cash and stock

Introducing Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a name known to movers and shakers in the worlds of finance and law. A graduate of Oxford University and the Columbia School of Law, Tabar has a remarkable capacity for learning languages. A fluent speaker of English, French, and Japanese, Tabar’s excellent communication skills have helped him build strong relationships around the world.

Tabar’s ascent in the world of business has been remarkable. A keen thinker with a knack for timing, he has been very successful. Although still a young man, his resume is dotted with prestigious positions at world renowned companies. He has managed hedge funds for several companies in Asia.

According to Lawyerist, Sam helped lead the Asset Raising Team for PMA Investments in Hong Kong. Tabar was an associate at Schulte, Roth & Zabel. In 2013, Tabar was the Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction at Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. His investment advice is highly sought after, and has appeared in several online publications.

Currently, Tabar is Chief Operating Officer at FullCycle Energy Fund in New York City. This company seeks to solve energy problems by using municipal solid waste to generate clean power. One pressing concern for the organization is the proliferation of plastic waste around the world. By improving gasification and tar removal processes, this innovative organization hopes to revolutionize the way the world is powered.

Sam Tabar’s progressive thinking is a good fit for the FullCycle organization. As one of the first investors in Tribute and SheThinx, it is clear that he believes change and business work well together. Whether it is empowering women in the developing world, providing advice to investors, or helping to change the way society handles waste, Tabar is always on the cutting edge. Where he goes, others follow.  Be sure to follow Mr. Tabar’s social media account on Twitter, which can be found @SamirTabar.