Green Structure Homes, a Barbara Stokes Initiative

If there is one thing that is very unpredictable to everyone in the world, it is a disaster. When disaster strikes in any part of the world, it often affects the rest of the world in a huge way. The aftermath, impact, and resultant needs are often unique in every manner. However, the one common factor in a majority of disasters is the recovery that people have to do. For most people recovery may take weeks, others months while others years. When the disaster circumstances prove too much for the state and local workforces, supplies and equipment, then FEMA steps in to help where they can. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

FEMA has to work hand in hand with other organizations to provide the required supplies to the people affected by a disaster. One such company is Green Structure Homes (GSH). GHS provides flexible homes of all sizes. The homes they provide met the federal guidelines when it comes to safety, quality of materials, state of the art, and comfort. These homes can be assembled within days on the site. The GSH is a disaster relief contractor that provides a housing solution to people with no homes because of the disaster they may have experienced. Barbara Stokes and her husband founded the company. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara Stokes is the CEO while her husband Scott Stokes is the COO of Green Structure Homes. The company headquarters is in Huntsville, Alabama. The company has grown and recently won a contract award of over $45 million in just a couple of years since it began its operation. The homes that Green Structure Homes provides are of quality material and their construction even includes real kitchens and bathrooms. Their houses are energy efficient, which allows people to move on with their lives as they rebuild after a disaster strikes.

The houses that Green Structure Homes provide are affordable and functional. They have developed a housing blueprint that helps standardize the cost of starting over after a disaster happens. With the adverse effects that disasters come along with, meeting the housing needs at a standardized cost helps make things easier for the disaster victims without having them feeling the pressure of looking for shelter.


Whitney Wolfe Breaks Past Pain And Gets Accolades From Time Magazine

One of the most interesting things about 2018 is the resurgence of women that have been wronged when it comes to various types of sexual harassment. Women that voiced all that they felt in 2017 and 2018 are now coming forth with a spirit of unity.

After all of the allegations that came forth with big entertainers like Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein it became obvious that there would be a turning of the tide. As these things were unfolding in the entertainment world Whitney Wolfe was fighting her own bully in the workplace environment.

Kevin Spacey was dropped from a major TV show that he was a part of Harvey Weinstein was fired from his own company as it went into bankruptcy. This same company has now been purchased by a woman and women are in a place where they may change the entire structure of this organization. Whitney Wolfe would also take to getting out from under the shadow that was cast at Tinder and bounce back with Bumble.

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At one time she was working for a company called Tinder, and she helped make this one of the most popular apps for people in the dating world. It became obvious that Whitney Wolfe was a power player that wanted to do more than just sit idly as others felt themselves going through the same thing. She knew once the lawsuit that she filed for sexual harassment was won that she would have a sense of peace. She knew that she would have the ability to evolve as a woman that could make changes.

Time Magazine has been one of the first to recognize just how much change Whitney Wolfe has been able to make. Her time as a business professional has been very important. It has allowed her to create a company called Bumble. She has went forth and created partnerships with NBA teams.

She has created a safer environment for women to explore dating possibilities. Whitney Wolfe has even managed to have a little fun for herself by moving beyond the pain of the sexual harassment and getting married.

All of these things exemplify a strong woman that has been able to carve out a path for herself while presenting women with aspirations to improve their own lives. Her feminist app and her desire to take back her own life makes her one of Time’s most influential people.