Andy Wirth – CEO of Squaw Valley Resorts Seeks Relief

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has endured some tough times in the past few years. Weather hasn’t been especially cooperative, producing a drought for the Olympic scenic area, which makes it hard for the ski sports to take effect if the weather doesn’t produce.

Not only has he been faced with less than normal weather conditions, he has also had to deal with the incorporation and their efforts. However, thankfully, he has had a bout of relief from the two that has caused him to be able to breathe just a little better.

The incorporation has created some acquisitions and divisive efforts with the valley, and Wirth believes that it is a “recipe for disaster.” The incorporation recently withdrew their efforts, however, there has definitely been some damage done. Wirth hopes that in the future they work through some of the issues and do what’s right for the community.

Weather has also started to finally cooperate. The famous scenic ski resort was able to open their doors slightly early due to a snow storm that swept through the valley, creating enough snow and moisture for outdoor enthusiasts to take advantage.

The resort is known for its beautiful scenic picturesque views as well as the winter activities that are enjoyed by many in the Lake Tahoe areas, as well as visitors from all over.

Wirth has worked very hard to make the resort the way it is, and is continuously improving the resort to suit the needs to the public and enthusiasts. His most recent project is centered around a gondola that will stretch from one ski resort to the other, making it easier for skier’s to navigate through the area and hop from one resort to the next. They will be able to enjoy both resorts and have a safe, effective gondola to travel through.

They will have the opportunity to part at one or the other, and then travel back and forth. This will become a huge asset to the Squaw Valley Resort as it will make a way to the neighbor ski resort which in turn will make some very happy outdoor enthusiasts.

Andy Wirth has always been quite familiar with the outdoors and the historical state park sceneries. He grew up in Germany, and moved to Colorado to attend the Colorado State University. After graduating from college, he moved to Steamboat, Colorado, where his career began.

After working for the resort there for a length of time, he moved to the Olympic Valley where he became the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. He has been working to improve the grounds for quite some time, and is looking forward to the positive efforts.

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Eucatex Green Production Wins Over Market!

Brazil’s green building construction materials company, Eucatex designs high-quality products. The influential Maluf family started the group in 1951. It became the country’s first eco-conscious manufacturer of building and furniture materials. In 1954, it opened its first production mill in Salto, rebranded as Fiberboard Industrial Unit. It later began producing ceiling panels and tiles. Eucatex traded its products locally before exporting supplies to Europe. This led to an expansion into Metal Industrial Unit and hardboard mill production. In addition, Eucatex launched branches in Mexico, Holland, the U.S., Germany, and the U.K. before venturing into paint production.

Initially, the group produced paints for the sole purpose of applying finishing touches to its line of acoustic panels and ceiling tiles. Eucatex product exportation chain included 50 countries across four different verticals. This included Mineral, Forestry, Metallic and Wood. During the late 80s, it temporarily suspended its export operations and downsized to 37 when it reinstated the process. In 1994, it expanded its varnish and paint products at its newly launched Salto factory. It later released its MDP panel line in 1996 gaining the company global recognition as an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified partner. At which time, it was the nation’s first recipient of such a title. Furthermore, Eucatex launched a cutting-edge T-HDF/MDF product line at its Salto factory in 2010. These revolutionary designs enhance the mechanical resistance and technology of furniture, including partition panels, doors, etc.

Brazilian mechanical engineer and model business mogul, Flavio Maluf manages the company’s affairs. Additionally, Flavio has long been a positive influence over the youths as a mentor and philanthropist. He’s a former FAAP (Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado) student and the appointed president of the family-owned company Eucatex. He joined the family business in 1987 after completing his education. In addition, it became the president of premier pet supplies company, GrandFood. Flavio continues to share his expertise with young business professionals and rising entrepreneurs. On the subject of inspiring the young people, Flavio shares meaningful content on his official website about technology. Today, it’s become an ever-present resource, especially in business. He’s continuously stressed the importance of young people learning about its value today.

His father is Paulo Maluf, Eucatex founder, and former Brazilian congressman. Before becoming Eucatex president, Flavio held numerous executive positions, such as CEO, board director, etc. In addition, Flavio currently holds a seat as the group’s board chairman. With the company’s rapid expansions, Camara Barbacena indicated Flavio embarked on meaningful projects such as modernizing facilities and creating new products. He’s married to Lourdes Torres Coutinho with whom he has three wonderful children. In fact, Flavio’s daughter recently secured a chemical engineering degree from London. His youngest son is currently studying engineering at a prominent institution in England. Meanwhile, his eldest son manages a group of administration businesses. Flavio’s expertise in administration and engineering is an asset which has propelled the company’s success.

Solo Capital And The Man Behind It, Sanjay Shah


About Solo Capital

Solo Capital is a specialty financial investment firm that manages investments for clients and also offers a suite of other services. In addition to investing and managing wealth for its clients Solo Capital is involved in propriety trading which involves the buying and selling of commodities, derivatives and currencies using the firm’s own capital. The firm’s capacity and unique approach to propriety trading sets it apart from many other specialty investment firms, that often only manage and invest wealth for clients. Solo Capital also offers consulting services which includes investment advice, performance evaluations and helping to acquire human capital. Consultation with regards to human capital often involves Solo Capital helping other firms find and appoint executives and other financial professionals to a company.

A unique aspect of Solo Capital is its division that handles professional sports investments. The sports investment division is involved in talent acquisition which includes investing in both sports players and associated coaching staff on a sports team. It also does representation and commercial advisory for clients. Such services would be useful for clients that want to invest in a sports team, player or coach, but don’t have the financial or business know how to negotiate and close businessmen deals effectively. Solo Capital also does asset and performance management in its professional sports investment division. This involves directly managing sports team, players or staff and rating their performances accordingly as an investment.

Solo Capital has a team that is composed of individuals that collectively have a wealth of experience in investing within sports, derivatives and Forex markets as well as in traditional investments such as stocks and bonds. The firm also prides itself on providing superior customer service to it clients and are always available to answer questions and concerns for investors.

Solo Capital’s Structure And Assets

Solo Capital is incorporated in the city of London, England and abides by all United Kingdom fiscal laws and regulations. The firm’s street address is 49 Queen Victoria Street London, UK EC4N 4SA. It is located in the heart of London and near many famous city attractions. The company is also known by various other names. This includes Solo Capital Limited And Solo Capital UK.

The firm has a networth that is estimated to be around 22 million US dollars. Solo Capital manages almost 100 million dollars in assets. Its cash flow is almost 44 million dollars annually.

The man behind Solo Capital is Sanjay Shah. Mr. Shah founded Solo Capital after he was laid off during the financial crisis of 2008 while working as an accountant at major global financial company. He officially founded the company in 2011 and began managing his first assets the very same year.

Sanjay Shah also founded his very own charity called Autism Rocks. The charity raises money for Autism Research through music concerts. Mr. Shah’s youngest child was diagnosed with the disorder, and he has made it his life mission to raise awareness and explore treatment options for Autism. Money raised through Shah’s charity goes directly to Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University in London, England.

Jim Dondero comments on Short Covering in latest upward Stock Market

Gold still finished just under $1100 per ounce at and up by $1.90 at $1,096.30 per ounce. So if all of the other indicators are falling, gold is still on the rise. Times are tough in 2016 for the investor as the market has been tumbling down each day of the new year up until January 22, 2016. Finally the S and P has taken an upward swing. The release of the new iPhone 7 has stock advisors suggesting purchases of Apple stock now as there is an expected price hike by 50% a share before the new release in September.

Many other indicators were up including the Crude Oil barrel price and the oil itself, which closed at $32, the highest price per barrel since January 8th of 2016. The price had been in free fall making the barrel worth more than its contents at one point when it sunk to $29 per barrel just days ago. Chris Gaffney of EverBank World Markets suggests that “It is all about oil today. We were able to continue a rally in oil or at least have oil stop falling and come back up a bit. That’s got equity investors dipping their toes in the market again.” He went on to state that investors such as Draghi will pull his investment out as other big investors will do everything possible to support the markets.

Altogether the Dow Jones industrial average closed some 210 points over 16,000 with Apple showing the highest gains along with Goldman Sachs delivering the most gains of the day as the Dow reached 250 at one point that afternoon. Despite these gains as a whole the U.S. Stock market has been extremely under performing for the year thus far. All major U.S. Averages were down by 6.6% or more for 2016, a 10 percent fall under the 52-week intraday highs known as market correction metrics. Experts at Highland Capital such as Joe Sowin and Jim Dondero see this as a rally caused by short covering with energy and materials stocks leading the way for the recovery.

Jim Dondero of Highland Capital, a CPA, CFA, 30 year leader in hedge fund management, innovator of the Collateralized Loan Obligation, President, CEO and co-founder of the company located in Dallas, Texas, has sound perception of these rare market fluctuations. It is true that the markets are in uncharted territories these last few weeks due to the global struggle with each of its markets. China has been slowing its roaring economy with more indications that despite its healthy GPA number, relatively speaking, it is a tanking economy just as many of the other major economies.

How Brian Torchin Has Contributed To Matters Related To Health

Brian Torchin is the founder of HCRC staffing. Many know him as a veteran of the healthcare industry. He is known to have started health recruitment by opening and managing offices in Florida, Delaware and Philadelphia. Soon after that, he quickly rose to the creme de la creme of the healthcare industry in matters recruitment. Currently, he is the President of Health Care Recruitment Counsellors, LLC as Brian’s Resume showcases. He has been able to expand the company to Europe and as far as Asia.

Torchin is not new to matters related to health. He familiarized himself with the industry when he was a physician in chiropractic practice. He gained growing knowledge in managing health and out of the same, he knew what offering the best healthcare clientele entails.

According to the company website, the company even offers additional availability during nights and weekends to their clients. The company is also well respected in matters professional consulting, background checks and even staff training. On the company’s site, Torchin writes occasionally and offers advise on all areas related to health recruitment.

In addition to that, the company also offers dentist opportunities, chiropractic jobs, physical therapist jobs and many more. To date, the company has managed to work with private hospitals, private practices and more. The company has a large database of active physicians and it works day in day out to find openings for clients who are qualified and new.

The company assists its candidates and clients by having an easier identification in matters related to clients openings. The company is well respected in matters related to putting the client first. Clients and other companies that work together with the company term it as very detail oriented and professional.

The company has a client base of more than 200 in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia. The company collaborates with different enterprises, organizations and groups in healthcare. Since starting the company, it has remained a respected team player. The company’s goal has always been about delivering quality services and fulfilling the client’s needs.

HCRC is all about effecting change. Change that can be felt in a healthy way. Under Torchin’s guidance, the company is even geared for better heights. The health care sector all over the world has always been in a staff recruitment crisis. However, with companies like HCRC, the future will be healthy and bright since it solves all that. It is available in different countries therefore easing that specific burden to clients.  Follow them on Twitter for further information.

Serial Entrepreneur Brad Reifler

The serial entrepreneur and grand son of the Founder of Refco and serial entrepreneur Brad Reifler is the founder and chief executive officer of Forefront Capital. He founded the company in 2009. Brad Reifler has an interesting career in finance. He started as a star trader in his first company, Reifler a trading Company, a company that would eventually be acquired by his grandfather’s company Refco in 2000. During his time with Reifler Trading , the company managed hundreds of millions of dollars. They later began to handle institutional research accounts.

In 1995 Brad Reifler founded Pali Capital, a sell side broker dealer, and bought his beautiful New York home. During his 13 years at Pali Capital , the company made over $1 billion in commission and sales. His company’s success can be credited to his unique strategy while dealing with hedge funds. Since 2009, Brad Reifler has been the acting CEO of Forefront Capital, LLC. His experience and track record has allowed him to attract the top investment bankers, registered investment advisors, and business leaders to his firm. In 2014 his company announced an initiative that would change investment programs for sure.

His company now caters to non accredited investors. This is another brilliant and innovative strategy by Brad Reifler, something he has been doing his entire career.