Fun Gift On Skout Gives Proceeds To Charity


Super Survey And Super Charity From Skout

Have you ever used Skout to meet new people? The app is a great way to make new friends in your area or in other parts of the world. The social media and online dating application has a new travel feature that the company is extremely proud to give their users access to today. The new feature for traveling and meeting people on Skout is called Passport, and it basically takes down the virtual walls in meeting people around the world. You can log on to Skout today, and you can meet people in your home town or in any country you would like to visit on Skout within a few minutes. It is amazing how much this app has done for my social life in the past few months since I started using it.

Skout also has a myriad of other fun things going on in their online community. Their online community is a friendly place when people get together to chat about different things, take surveys and contribute to causes. The community at Skout recently participated in a survey about National Superhero Day. The fun holiday that Skout was surveying their users for was on April 28th. The users that took part in this survey had a chance to think deeply about what being a superhero would be like. The users that took the survey also had a chance to define what being a superhero is actually about. According to the survey results, around 75 percent of people that were surveyed said that a superhero is someone that helps people in need.

If you had a chance to work with Skout on this survey or on their latest charitable outreach program, then you might as well call yourself a superhero. Skout launched a charity where people on their platform has a real chance to give back to the community by helping a person who is in need. The person in need was someone who wanted to have their dream come true with the Make A Wish Program Greater Bay Area. Skout’s developers actually took time to set up this charity by creating a gift that users could purchase in order to give the gift to another user. The proceeds went to fund someone’s wish! If you’d like to read an original article about this from PR Newswire, click here.

Protect Your Online Reputation with Darius Fisher and Status Labs

A person’s online reputation is essential. The reputation of anyone has always been their calling card. No matter the point in time or where it takes place, reputation supersedes an individual, so when a person arrives, those who have heard their reputation already know what to expect. Due to this, it is very important to have a positive one. Plus, in the world of online media, a reputation can reach millions of people in just a few moments. That is why paying extra special care to what goes on and what someone is doing through their social media posts is vital to their cause. One negative post or publication online can cause all sorts or problems for the individual down the road. In order to avoid all of this negative press, a business, individual, organization or any other entity needs to turn to Darius Fisher and Status Labs for help.

Darius Fisher started Status Labs in the hopes of assisting anyone with their online reputation. They are also able to help with individuals who are simply looking to improve upon what is available online and also cut the content that they don’t want others to gain access to. For starters, Darius Fisher pointed out in a recent interview it is possible to remove personal data online. There are data brokers throughout the Internet that collects information online and through different posts, only to sell the content to others who are looking for this content. It is possible to simply tell the data brokers to delete the information and to stop collecting it. It is your information and so if you ask, they must do it.

You also need to focus on social media. Social media is a blessing but it is also a curse. It is something that is going to alter the way someone interest with a business or individual, and if posts are public, it means everything someone posts is going to be seen by others. Knowing what is being posted and what kind of content is being shared can save an individual form all sorts of problems.

Why Online Reputation Management Is So Important

A study by the World Economic Forum shows that over 25% of a company’s value comes from its reputation. The issue with this is that many companies aren’t prepared to manage reputation risk drivers that don’t fall under their immediate control. Now that third party review websites are so popular, businesses need to have a strategy to manage what is said about them online.

Over half of all individuals in the world now use the Internet on a regular basis. In order to build a positive image of their brand, businesses need to do more than just be present in the media and work on increasing their market share. They have to shape the way their customers see them too. As a lot of discussion about brands takes place online, this has given rise to the Online Reputation Management (ORM) industry.

Status Labs is a company that specializes in providing online reputation management services to various clients. Businesses aren’t the only ones who use their services. Individuals, such as artists, entertainers, business people, athletes and politicians also need to keep a close eye on what others are saying about them online and promote a positive image of themselves.

There are a variety of techniques used by Status Labs to promote a positive image of their clients. They work hard to push positive information as close as possible to the top of search results on Google. Another important service they offer is help in removing false or libelous information from social media, discussion forums and consumer review sites.

A brand needs positive online feedback and reviews to thrive. Studies show that 70% of consumers make their buying decisions based primarily on online reviews. 84% of buyers say that online feedback about a brand has a certain influence on what they buy.

While it’s not possible to just scrub all negative remarks about a brand from the Internet, there are various things that companies can do to minimize their impact. Simply responding quickly to criticism or negative reviews can do a lot to protect a brand’s overall reputation.