Doe Deere And Her Favorite Rules To Break

Doe Deere is a woman that likes to make and break the rules. She has been involved in the cosmetics industry for quite some time. Deere was born in Russia, and she was raised in New York. Deere knew that she wanted to work in fashion from quite a young age. Deere was always a unique girl, and she wanted to be able to showcase her talent and her love for color. Doe Deere started her own fashion line, and she would sell her clothes on eBay. Many of her fans liked the way that she did her makeup, and they would ask her about her makeup and color and style. Those fans made her have an epiphany about her career. Deere decided that she was going to start her own makeup brand.

Deere was able to start up her own cosmetic line with just a couple hundred dollars and her dreams. Deere wanted to create a makeup brand that was different from the rest. She wanted her makeup to be free of any social rules, and she wanted her makeup to make people look and feel great. She created Lime Crime makeup, and she became a successful entrepreneur soon after the creation of her line. Lime Crime is a makeup brand that is now sold internationally.

Deere recently did a interview with The Bustle about some of her favorite rules to break. In the interview Deere spoke of the fact that she loves to break the following rules when it comes to fashion: wearing a bold lip with a bold eye color, wearing open toed shoes with socks, wearing different patterns, wearing brightly colored clothes with unnatural colored hair, wearing many different colors at once, dressing according to age, and wearing occasion specific clothing.

Deere does not believe that the media, social norms, or anyone else should dictate the way that a person should dress or groom themselves. Doe Deere is a woman that loves colors, and she wears colors whenever she wants. She believes that color was made to be seen, and she believes that patterns were made to be worn. Deere enjoys wearing bright colors in her makeup, and she also enjoys wearing vibrant colors in her clothing as well. Deere encourages her fans to live an unapologetic life, and she does the same. Deere’s makeup brand is a reflection of how she lives her life. Doe Deere takes life day by day; she expresses herself with her colorful makeup, clothing, and her spirit.

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