Eucatex Green Production Wins Over Market!

Brazil’s green building construction materials company, Eucatex designs high-quality products. The influential Maluf family started the group in 1951. It became the country’s first eco-conscious manufacturer of building and furniture materials. In 1954, it opened its first production mill in Salto, rebranded as Fiberboard Industrial Unit. It later began producing ceiling panels and tiles. Eucatex traded its products locally before exporting supplies to Europe. This led to an expansion into Metal Industrial Unit and hardboard mill production. In addition, Eucatex launched branches in Mexico, Holland, the U.S., Germany, and the U.K. before venturing into paint production.

Initially, the group produced paints for the sole purpose of applying finishing touches to its line of acoustic panels and ceiling tiles. Eucatex product exportation chain included 50 countries across four different verticals. This included Mineral, Forestry, Metallic and Wood. During the late 80s, it temporarily suspended its export operations and downsized to 37 when it reinstated the process. In 1994, it expanded its varnish and paint products at its newly launched Salto factory. It later released its MDP panel line in 1996 gaining the company global recognition as an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified partner. At which time, it was the nation’s first recipient of such a title. Furthermore, Eucatex launched a cutting-edge T-HDF/MDF product line at its Salto factory in 2010. These revolutionary designs enhance the mechanical resistance and technology of furniture, including partition panels, doors, etc.

Brazilian mechanical engineer and model business mogul, Flavio Maluf manages the company’s affairs. Additionally, Flavio has long been a positive influence over the youths as a mentor and philanthropist. He’s a former FAAP (Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado) student and the appointed president of the family-owned company Eucatex. He joined the family business in 1987 after completing his education. In addition, it became the president of premier pet supplies company, GrandFood. Flavio continues to share his expertise with young business professionals and rising entrepreneurs. On the subject of inspiring the young people, Flavio shares meaningful content on his official website about technology. Today, it’s become an ever-present resource, especially in business. He’s continuously stressed the importance of young people learning about its value today.

His father is Paulo Maluf, Eucatex founder, and former Brazilian congressman. Before becoming Eucatex president, Flavio held numerous executive positions, such as CEO, board director, etc. In addition, Flavio currently holds a seat as the group’s board chairman. With the company’s rapid expansions, Camara Barbacena indicated Flavio embarked on meaningful projects such as modernizing facilities and creating new products. He’s married to Lourdes Torres Coutinho with whom he has three wonderful children. In fact, Flavio’s daughter recently secured a chemical engineering degree from London. His youngest son is currently studying engineering at a prominent institution in England. Meanwhile, his eldest son manages a group of administration businesses. Flavio’s expertise in administration and engineering is an asset which has propelled the company’s success.

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