Fun Gift On Skout Gives Proceeds To Charity


Super Survey And Super Charity From Skout

Have you ever used Skout to meet new people? The app is a great way to make new friends in your area or in other parts of the world. The social media and online dating application has a new travel feature that the company is extremely proud to give their users access to today. The new feature for traveling and meeting people on Skout is called Passport, and it basically takes down the virtual walls in meeting people around the world. You can log on to Skout today, and you can meet people in your home town or in any country you would like to visit on Skout within a few minutes. It is amazing how much this app has done for my social life in the past few months since I started using it.

Skout also has a myriad of other fun things going on in their online community. Their online community is a friendly place when people get together to chat about different things, take surveys and contribute to causes. The community at Skout recently participated in a survey about National Superhero Day. The fun holiday that Skout was surveying their users for was on April 28th. The users that took part in this survey had a chance to think deeply about what being a superhero would be like. The users that took the survey also had a chance to define what being a superhero is actually about. According to the survey results, around 75 percent of people that were surveyed said that a superhero is someone that helps people in need.

If you had a chance to work with Skout on this survey or on their latest charitable outreach program, then you might as well call yourself a superhero. Skout launched a charity where people on their platform has a real chance to give back to the community by helping a person who is in need. The person in need was someone who wanted to have their dream come true with the Make A Wish Program Greater Bay Area. Skout’s developers actually took time to set up this charity by creating a gift that users could purchase in order to give the gift to another user. The proceeds went to fund someone’s wish! If you’d like to read an original article about this from PR Newswire, click here.

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