Sam Tabar In a New York Minute

When it comes to making it big in the business world, most people agree New York is the place to make it happen. With numerous opportunities on Wall Street and with legal and financial firms that have worldwide reputations, it’s clear only the best business professionals have what it takes to succeed in the Big Apple. While many people can make their claim to fame in New York, few have done more to create a successful career than Sam Tabar. As an attorney and financial strategist, Sam has in recent years become one of the most respected businessmen in the city. Using his international educational background, Sam has held very prestigious positions in some of the world’s largest and most well-known legal and financial firms.

A graduate of Oxford University and Columbia Law School, indicates that Sam has an educational background that few others can match. Specializing in contract law as it relates to hedge fund formation and structure, he has spent much of his career working with clients who had issues related to regulatory and compliance matters, as well as those who were dealing with employment law questions. In all of these situations, Sam was always able to not only provide the answers his clients needed, but was also able to do so in a fashion that helped put people at ease.

Using his excellent interpersonal skills to his advantage, Sam decided to seek a different career path. After years of serving as a Senior Associate with one of the nation’s leading law firms, he decided to branch out and test himself in the competitive world of investment analysis. Accepting a position with PMA Investment as the company’s Head Business Analyst and Manager, he became responsible for seeing that the firm’s main hedge fund would continue to grow. Valued at $2 billion when he began working with PMA, the fund eventually grew to be worth over $3 billion thanks to his efforts. Using his international contacts with executives in Asian nations, Sam built up an index of over 2,000 new investors to work with on the hedge fund.

As a person who always looks for a new way to do things, Sam Tabar knows it will take tremendous effort on his part to stay ahead of the competition. However, with his reputation for excellence continuing to grow around the world, it’s clear he should have little trouble reaching his career goals.

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