Ways Organo Gold Beverages will Change Your Life

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of Organo gold tea and coffee from social media and every other channel of information. The recent tide of awareness regarding these special beverages is as a result of an old Chinese discovery that has recently landed in the west and the rest of the world. Organo gold is a brand of special tea, coffee and other beverages being distributed by some health experts to not only help people treat many ailments and stay healthy but also improve the livelihood of others. Shop now at Shopog.com.

Why are Organo Gold Beverages Better?

Organo gold tea is unlike any other green tea you have ever had in life. Not only is it delicious but its packed with numerous health benefits. All Organo gold beverages contain a powerful ingredient from china called GanodermaLucidium or miraculous king of herbs. This is a Chinese mushroom that has been used as medicine for over 2000 years to heal a variety of ailments.

Health Benefits of GanodermaLucidium

This ancient mushroom also known as the mushroom of immortality helps to;

Prevent and Cure Cancer

One of the benefits of GanodermaLucidium is boosting immunity and increasing antioxidant levels. Though it is not known whether these are the reasons why the mushroom treats and prevents cancer, some laboratories have shown that GanodermaLucidium prevents cancer metastasis. This ingredient is also known to inhibit the formation of blood vessels that feed the tumor with nutrients and causing it to grow and also inhibiting transfer and migration of the cancer cells to other parts. For patients with advanced tumors, the ingredient is prescribed for thirty days to reduce the effects of chemotherapy and radiation and make surgery an option again. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Cardiovascular Health

Two studies in japan and china found that GanodermaLucidium promotes blood flow to the heart and helps to reduce things like hypertension, high cholesterol and blood clots. This mushroom has been used in china for many decades to keep people healthy and prevent heart diseases and other stress induced ailments.

Organo Gold Distribution

If you are looking for a good part-time business opportunity, becoming an Organo gold distributor is one of the most coveted opportunities out there. Not only are the premium products in high demand from clients but the network marketing is very lucrative. All Organo Gold distributors enjoy great support from the company as you help other people join the multi-level business and earn even more money. Organo is a global family that helps people seeking financial independence to succeed while still staying healthy.

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